SCI Support Groups and Meetings

As I travel this journey of life, I have met several other people with SCI’s (Spinal Cord Injury). I have also participated in numerous SCI support groups and meetings.

Today I attended a Florida SCI meeting and someone asked me for some feedback. One of the questions I’d like to focus on is how to get people to open up.

One option to help open the lines of communication for meetings might be for assistants, parents, spouses, and friends to exit the room so people with disabilities can speak openly? Do you think this would help for more intimate topics?

Are these some topics that would fit in to that category?
* Sex
* Relationships
* Emotional issues
* Friendships
* Employment
* Injustices

As you can probably guess, I am open to talk about almost anything. I understand not all people feel as comfortable as I am about open dialogues.

Do you attend a support group? Have you found a process that works for your group and would like to share? Please leave any comments below!

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