From Push Goddess to Mom

I’ve always wanted to be a mom.  I remember being a little girl and dreaming of holding my very own baby.  Of course I had big ambitions as a child but I always knew that one day I’d also be a mom.  My journey wasn’t as smooth as I had planned it to be, but what journey ever turns out the way you plan.  I figured I would get pregnant right after my husband and I got married.  Well life happens and it took five years for our handsome son to arrive, it was perfect timing.

We learned we were pregnant around Thanksgiving.  It was the best Thanksgiving dinner we ever had, keeping our little secret to ourselves.  We didn’t want to let everyone know right away.  After several weeks we shared the news with family and friends.  Shortly in to our second trimester we found out I had a condition called Complete Placenta Previa.  It was a terrifying night when I started bleeding and thought I was having a miscarriage.  I remember praying to God to please not let this be a miscarriage and trying to bargain with Him.  We soon found out I had Previa and it was a very dangerous condition.  I was put on strict bed rest and we knew we had a long road ahead of us.

Eighteen weeks of bed rest can drive any sane person a little crazy.  However as I had bargained with God early in my pregnancy, I promised I would do whatever it took to help my baby survive.  I have an amazing husband who took care of us during this entire time.  I have family and friends who also stepped up to the plate and helped out when my husband was at work; it took a village to get us to the arrival of our son.

During my time on bed rest I asked my husband if he could continue thinking of a way for me to use a stroller.  We had worked on it a few years earlier but with no usable product.  However with all the extra work he had to do while I was on bed rest; I decided to reach out to a few other friends.  My good friend K.K. told me I should contact Dr. K at University of Detroit Mercy, so I did.  Dr. K was great and said he had a student that would attempt to create a stroller for me. This is how I met Alden and how the adaptable stroller came to be.

Around thirty six and a half weeks my water broke and I was in full blown labor.  Unfortunately I was required to have an emergency c-section after 28 hours of labor.  People always told me the pain was worth it, I’d forget the entire scary pregnancy once I seen my son.  I don’t think I’d ever forget how scary my pregnancy was and how I’d pray everyday that God would help my son survive.  However I will never forget the first time I held my son or the first time he nursed.  It was amazing the way he looked in to my eyes as if he already knew I was his mother.

My son was born mid July and I’m learning to adjust as a new mother.  Being a mom is like no job I’ve ever had and there has never been anything as rewarding.  I know many women in wheelchairs who are moms, it not a taboo anymore.  I hear people as I pass with my son but I pay them no attention.  The only thing I have to be concerned with is my family and continuing to live life to the fullest.

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